Panda & Matt

July 21, 2016
Today we have two brand new amateurs for you - Panda and Matt. Matt is from Colombia and is only new to Sydney. Panda is Australian with a part Islander and part Aboriginal background. Neither are what you would call dirty boys so we put the clean pair in the shower together. They stroke and suck each other's uncut cocks. Both of them haven't been with anyone for some time so it's not surprising that they produce two huge loads. Looks like another shower will be in order!

Double Dicking Boyfriends Raw

July 20, 2016

Double Dicking Boyfriends Raw cover

As much as I enjoy threeways/group sex with random dudes, I truly love being a couples play toy. Boyfriends already know what buttons to push to make their mate squirm and it makes for all the better sex. So while I was chilling in SF I met up with my boy Max Cameron and his sexy scruffy man, Jackson Fillmore. Me and Max have been talking about a threeway with his man since we met so I was stoked to finally have the chance. Going into this my main goal was to DP Max, and holy fuck did it feel amazing, but then Jackson kept giving up his hole too so that was just an added bonus! They were such hot, raw sex and an amazing couple; Max even graciously gave up my load to Jackson because hed already had it before and wanted Jackson to experience what it felt like for my thick seed to be shoved deep into his butt. Now if that's not true love, I dont know what is!

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As much as I enjoy threeways/group sex with random dudes, I truly love being a coupleĆ¢??s play toy. Boyfriends already know what buttons to push to make their mate squirm and it makes for all the better sex.

Stars: Jackson Fillmore Devin Totter Max Cameron

Jonny Chill Solo

July 19, 2016
Today we introduce a new amateur Jonny Chill. Jonny is definitely very chilled and very much a confident sexy guy. He's from Germany and has only been in Australia for a short while but is definitely loving being young and single and travelling the world tasting what man delights he can wherever he goes.
He loves to suck (and indeed swallow) but as this is a solo shoot we got him to do the vacuuming - he builds up quite a sweat and has to remove his top showing off his lean, defined body.
He then gets a bit slack on the job and lies down in bed and starts feeling himself. Slowly he removes his clothes and jerks himself and he fingers his own butt.
An impressive cum shot concludes this wonderful solo - looks like he might have to do the washing as well!

Batt & Mitch Part 1

July 19, 2016
One of the most difficult things in casting amateurs is getting chemistry on set with guys who are new to performing in front of the camera. Although you've seen Batt a few times now - this is actually the first shoot that he did for us and it was obvious from the get go that the chemistry between him and Mitch Bear was electric.
The two have the same goofy sense of humour and I swear this is one of the most entertaining interviews I've shot. They are both horny and passionate guys too so when we unleash them on each other it starts off with a bang.

Batt takes charge quickly with Mitch on his knees getting his cock nice and hard before it's even out of Batt's boxers. Once it is out though Mitch deep throats every inch of it - making sure also that Batt's balls get a whole lot of love too. Batt pulls at Mitch's hair - pulling him closer and closer til he gags.
This is only the warm up folks - next week is cum splattering conclusion!

Behind The Scenes Part 8

July 19, 2016
It's the suck and shower show in this look at what goes on Behind The Scenes of Amateurs Do It. Mitch Bear is filming himself in the showers and then Liam and Dane Dude shower off the cum after their shoot with Mitch. That's a only a small amount of what you can find looking at the footage which our amateurs shoot themselves on set (and after!)

Big Dicked Hunks

July 19, 2016

Two guys in bed; What more can we say? Maybe "fuck me!"

Hunter & Jett - Part 2

July 17, 2016
Part 2 begins with a penis inspection - just to make sure that our amateurs are impressed with each other's cocks. The following blow jobs back up their positive comments as they eagerly devour each other's cock making sure they swallow them whole.

Jett buries his dark face deep inside Hunter's creamy white butt - rimming his hole and making Hunter squeal with glee. Hunter's butt is now ready for Jett's cock - but is Jett? Well yes of course and Hunter's fuckhole makes him so turned on that he blows a massive gusher of cum - all over Hunter's back, the bed and even shot on the cameraman (perils of the job).

Hunter then lays back and Jett helps him to same sticky conclusion.

Leo & Charlie Part 1

July 17, 2016
We managed to convince Charlie to come back for a duo after his successful solo some months ago. And the tattooed European is about to undergo his fantasy fuck by fucking a genuine Aussie. Our Australian du jour is big dicked Leo Rocca who is more than willing to shove his cock down Charlie's throat.

They trade blow jobs and then end up in the embrace of a 69. This is just the beginning folks - part 2 is cumming next week!

Hunter & Jett - Part 1

July 17, 2016
Hunter and Jett are back and ready for action. There's one thing that these two have in common in that when we first met them they identified as 'bisexual'. Time's moved on and both now are answering 'gay' to that same question. They both seem a little quiet in the interview - probably as they feel the time for talk is done and they want to rip off each other's clothes.
We leave them alone with a selfie stick and they get straight into it - kissing and sucking and destroying the bed. When our cameraman gets back they have to make the bed again before they can continue sucking cock!
Stay tuned for next week's cumclusion - it's a gusher!

Batt & Lucas

July 17, 2016
Two of our very favourite bearded amateurs are back. Batt and Lucas have already appeared in a threesome with Mitch before but they wanted to come back and appear together as , well to put it frankly they enjoy fucking each other. Both of them like it a little rough and were keen to get through the interview as quick as possible so they could get to it.
Blow jobs, rimming and rough fucking - it's all here in this super hot scene. So hot we forgot to take photos - sorry about that - but I'm sure you'll agree the video is outstanding.